Proven Tips for Simplifying Your Move

4 Ways to Simplify Your Move

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming move? There’s no doubt that moving house is a major process that involves several steps, such as packing, booking a removalist, cleaning and more. But, like all complicated tasks, moving can be simplified – here’s how:


Hire a Removalist

Removalists make moving house a lot easier. Sure, they move boxes and furniture fast and efficiently, but they can also pack your belongings. These are all major jobs, and during the moving process, delegating them to movers can lighten your load and relieve stress. Take the first step and hire removalists. To simplify this process and find a reputable company, you can ask your friends, family or co-workers for recommendations. You can also check online reviews or get a referral from your current property manager or realtor.


Create and Follow a To-do List

A to-do list is the best way to ensure you complete all your ‘moving tasks.’ In the beginning of the process, create a comprehensive list that you can follow throughout the move. Scratch off your tasks as you complete them. Additionally, make sure your priorities are listed at the top of the list. Some of the most important items to include are:

  • Changing your address at the post, with the utility companies, with any mail subscriptions, etc.
  • Turning off the utilities at your current property and ordering your new utilities
  • Registering your children for a new school (if applicable)
  • Getting packing materials and packing your belongings
  • Hiring pertinent services, i.e. a mover and/or bond cleaner
  • Finding new healthcare providers for the family and pets (if applicable)


Clean and Hire a Bond Cleaner Early

Like packing, cleaning is an intensive part of any move. Also, like packing, the process should be started as early as possible. Starting early will ensure you have enough time to declutter and deep clean. However, hiring a bond cleaner can relieve some of the pressure, make this job a lot easier and faster and ensure your rental property is cleaned to your landlord’s satisfaction. Cleaners have the knowledge, skills and equipment to perform a deep cleaning and to do the job right. Moreover, cleaners like Brisbane Bond Cleaning are reputable and affordable. So, before you start to question “how much does a bond clean cost and is it affordable?,” just give us a call.


Pack Wisely

Packing can be one of the biggest jobs required by any move, but packing ‘wisely’ can make this job seem more manageable. The first step in packing wisely is to recognise that it’s a process that must be organised and broken into steps. First, start the packing process as early as possible, preferably a month before the move. Next, pack one room at a time, starting with the least used, but most complicated areas. For example, packing the garage, basement or attic first.

Create a to-do list designed especially for packing. Get packing materials and label your boxes by room and/or category, such as ‘utensils’ or ‘master bedroom.’ Then, separate your belongings into ‘donate,’ ‘keep’ and ‘throw away.’ Next, pack the most tedious items you don’t use every day, first.


Simplifying your move requires that you start early and stay organised. Don’t forget to leave the end of lease cleaning up to the professionals – call us for a quote!

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