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How to Declutter Before a Move

Some amount of clutter is inevitable when you’re moving house. With so much to dismantle, take inventory of, separate, pack and move, it may be difficult to stay neat and organised, and clutter can make the packing and moving processes more frustrating and stressful. Excessive clutter can also create disorganisation, cause you to misplace items, […]

How to Avoid Moving Stress

No matter how you do it, moving house is characteristically stressful. It requires a lot of planning and is a lot of work, regardless of how much stuff you own or if you’re moving to a small apartment. This, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to minimise moving stress.  Here are some tips that […]

Why the Cheapest Bond Cleaners Aren’t the Best Bond Cleaners

There isn’t a price to put on the peace of mind that comes with a clean home. However, when you’re moving out of a rental property, there is a price to put on cleaning your home. To save money, you may want this price to be as cheap as possible, but cheap end-of-lease or bond […]

Entry Condition Reports are Worth Taking Seriously

Surprisingly, for rental properties, entry condition reports are just as important for outgoing tenants as they are for landlords and incoming tenants. These reports provide information about previous damage and the overall condition of a rental property. An average report will also include information about odours and dirty or unsanitary areas. No matter how the […]

Pet Owners Should Always Hire Professional End of Lease Cleaners – Here’s Why

Moving out of a rental property comes with a multitude of tasks, including cleaning. Owning pets can make your cleaning requirements just that much more intensive, but hiring a bond or end of lease cleaner can make the entire cleaning process easier. Reputable cleaners will handle all the cleaning, from start to finish, leaving you […]

4 Things You Should Never Skip During an End of Lease Cleaning

When moving out of a rental property, a bond or end of lease cleaning is one of the most important tasks to be done – that is, if you want to have your bond returned to you! If you hire bond cleaners, they will come in and thoroughly clean your entire home, however, there are […]

4 Ways to Simplify Your Move

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your upcoming move? There’s no doubt that moving house is a major process that involves several steps, such as packing, booking a removalist, cleaning and more. But, like all complicated tasks, moving can be simplified – here’s how:   Hire a Removalist Removalists make moving house a lot easier. Sure, […]

Moving with Young Children

Moving is just as stressful for children as it is for adults, and in some cases, it can be more stressful. Stress aside, moving house with children is a challenge in and of itself, but there are ways to ease this process for you and your little ones: Take the kids on a tour of […]

Getting Ready for Your Upcoming Move

Moving is a common part of life for many people, and yet, it’s major. It can be a point of stress and/or excitement, it’s a big change and a lot of work. No matter what your move brings, moving is a process. For many, it’s a necessary and unavoidable process – one that involves numerous […]

Prepare for Your Move & Recoup Your Bond with These Tips

There are many steps to take when moving out of a leased apartment, house or condo, and successfully completing some of these steps can ensure that you recoup your bond. Ask those who have done it before, an end of lease or bond cleaning is essential to the moving process. Bond money could help pay […]

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