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The Most Common Reasons Tenants Lose their Bonds

A lease bond is a deposit on a rental property that is returned to the tenant at the end of a lease agreement. This bond, however, can be revoked or kept if the vacating tenant violates or doesn’t meet certain conditions. Conditions, such as repairing damage, cleaning the property and staying to the end of […]

Believe it Or Not, Your Landlord May Choose Not to Return Your Bond for these Reasons

When a rental agreement ends, most tenants expect to recoup their bond. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. At the end of your lease, there are certain things you should do to get your bond back. This includes deep cleaning, repairing broken structures and basically ensuring the property is immaculate. If you fail to do […]

Avoid These Mistakes When Moving Out of Your Leased Home

Moving house can be exciting. It can also be hectic, frustrating, and stressful. This can make it easier to misstep and make mistakes. During a move, even the smallest mistake can cost time or money. However, knowing some of the common mistakes movers make can help you avoid them. Below are four of these common […]

What’s Standard in a Bond Clean?

When your lease ends on a rental property, you will need to have a bond or end of lease cleaning. Thoroughly cleaning the property before moving out is a contingency for recouping a rental bond. However, the property must be cleaned to the manager’s satisfaction and according to some standard guidelines. The best way to […]

Preparing for Your End of Lease Cleaning

An end of lease cleaning can help you retrieve your bond or deposit. In fact, it’s a necessity for all vacating tenants in Brisbane. Although you could do all the cleaning yourself, hiring a professional will make the process easier, faster, and provide you with the greatest chance of successfully recouping your bond. Plus, professional […]

What a Realtor or Property Manager Expects When You Move Out

An end of lease or bond cleaning is necessary for anyone vacating a rental property, but it’s also a necessary step when you want to impress a realtor and/or property manager. The standard is that the property should be much cleaner than when you moved in. Usually, this means leaving the property in near perfect […]

Signs You Need to Hire a Bond Cleaner

Moving out of a rental comes with a long list of things to do, including cleaning. Before you move, you must ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned and damage-free. Such a major cleaning job can be time-consuming and nearly impossible to complete on your own. This causes many vacating renters to enlist the help of […]

What to Consider Before Moving Out of a Leased Home

There’s a lot to do when moving out of your leased home…or anywhere, really. It requires packing, cleaning, organising and so much more! Doing all of these tasks can be stressful and time-consuming. Unfortunately, doing them can also be a necessity. Creating and following a to-do list can help alleviate some of the stress and […]

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Benefit from a Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service

Moving house is a big job, especially when it comes to the cleaning! Cleaning a leased property yourself can save money but hiring a professional bond or end of lease cleaner can ensure it’s cleaned properly, thoroughly and according to the property owner’s guidelines. Some people skip hiring a bond cleaner because of the expense, […]

What to look for

What to Look for in Great Bond Cleaners

When it’s time to move house and you’re leaving a leased home, a bond cleaning service can be beneficial in more ways than one. End of lease cleaning requirements differ from regular house cleaning, and the right company can save you time and ensure the property you’re leaving is cleaned to your landlord’s satisfaction. Most […]

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