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Entry Condition Reports are Worth Taking Seriously

Surprisingly, for rental properties, entry condition reports are just as important for outgoing tenants as they are for landlords and incoming tenants. These reports provide information about previous damage and the overall condition of a rental property. An average report will also include information about odours and dirty or unsanitary areas. No matter how the property manager takes care of damage or uncleaned areas, the vacating tenant will be held financially responsible. In most cases, the bond is kept and used to pay for cleaning and/or repairs. As the vacating tenant, however, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Learn the importance of the entry condition report here:


Can Be Used in a Bond Dispute

An entry condition report serves as an official record for a rental property’s condition. Although it’s mostly associated with the incoming tenant, it can also be important to outgoing tenants. If you’re a vacating tenant and your bond isn’t returned, you can use the current report and the report signed at the beginning of your tenancy to dispute this action.


Relieves the Outgoing Tenant of Liability for Previous Damage

Property managers may inadvertently blame and charge outgoing residents for damage they didn’t cause. However, the entry condition report can ascertain what damage existed previously, as well as what damage you may be liable for. Before leaving, use both reports to compare the prior and current condition of your rental property. But most importantly, repair any damage caused during your tenancy and clean the home thoroughly and to your landlord’s specifications. To ensure the rental is thoroughly and properly cleaned, acquire a copy of the end of lease cleaning requirements and consider hiring a professional bond cleaner, like our team.


Relieves the Incoming Tenant of Liability

It’s not fair for incoming tenants to be liable for damage or other issues they didn’t cause. Entry condition reports are designed to protect them from this type of unfortunate event. In fact, all of a property’s issues are recorded to help make incoming tenants aware of potential problem areas. This allows every tenant to make an informed decision before signing a lease.

If you’re an incoming tenant, it’s essential to do a walkthrough and confirm the issues noted in the condition report. The report or lease shouldn’t be signed if you’re uncomfortable with the state of the rental or if you find additional damage and/or severely dirty areas. However, you can add any new problem areas to the condition report. Signing the report confirms the validity of the issues listed and the condition of the property, as well as shows your acceptance of this condition. It also absolves you of any responsibility for previous issues but makes you responsible for any issues that occur during your tenancy.


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