Getting Set to Move: Tips from Brisbane Bond Cleaners

Getting Ready for Your Upcoming Move

Moving is a common part of life for many people, and yet, it’s major. It can be a point of stress and/or excitement, it’s a big change and a lot of work. No matter what your move brings, moving is a process. For many, it’s a necessary and unavoidable process – one that involves numerous steps. What you do before your move could determine how stressful it is, how organised your steps are, how long it takes and how prepared you are on moving day. Below are a few things that can help streamline your move and minimise stress:


Organise, Pack and Hire a Bond Cleaner

Believe it or not, packing is often the longest, most demanding part of moving house. It’s also a process you should begin well in advance of moving day. Starting early is essential because packing involves several steps, including: sorting, organising, throwing away or donating items, and more. Take care of the major steps first; for example, unwanted items should be thrown away or donated at least a week before you begin the packing process. Sorting and organising should be done before packing, and your belongings should be packed, organised and out of the way before the cleaning.

If you’re moving out of a leased home, bond or end of lease cleaners are essential. They can help recoup your bond by ensuring your home is thoroughly cleaned to the landlord’s satisfaction. Like the movers, Brisbane bond cleaners should be booked well in advance – at least two months before the move and at least a month before packing. That said, the actual cleaning shouldn’t be performed until it’s time to move out. Because bond cleaners must clean all the nooks and crannies, ideally, your belongings should be packed and organised before they arrive. This will ensure your home is cleaned properly and as quickly as possible.


Transfer the Utilities

You will need utilities at your new home, so you must have them transferred before the move. At least two weeks before your move, call all the utility companies and schedule disconnect and reconnect services. Give them your new address and the dates you would like your services disconnected and reconnected. Make sure you call every service provider, including the cable, internet, water, phone (if applicable) gas and electric companies. Moreover, change your address with the post office and order any new services during this time, such as rubbish collection.


Explore Your New Neighbourhood

Exploring your new area can help you become familiar with the layout of the neighbourhood and all it has to offer. During your exploration, locate grocery stores, banks, physicians’ offices, shopping malls, restaurants, parks or playgrounds, schools, community centres and more. Take a walk and drive tour, time your commute to work and other places and become familiar with major neighbourhood landmarks. Introduce yourself to the new area at least a month in advance and a week before the move to jog your memory of where significant buildings and services are located.


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