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How to Declutter Before a Move

Some amount of clutter is inevitable when you’re moving house. With so much to dismantle, take inventory of, separate, pack and move, it may be difficult to stay neat and organised, and clutter can make the packing and moving processes more frustrating and stressful. Excessive clutter can also create disorganisation, cause you to misplace items, categorise incorrectly, rush and generally make drastic mistakes. Therefore, you should declutter if you want your packing process to run smoothly. Below are a few tips that can help you declutter before your move.


Don’t Keep Damaged or Useless Items Because of Sentimental Value

Most people own things that were given to them at special times or for special reasons. However, not every personal treasure is a treasure. Trinkets that are damaged or useless may be more invasive than personally valuable. It’s common to want to keep special items, but purposeless things, no matter their meaning, often take up more space than they’re worth. Besides, purposeless ‘special items’ are often hidden and forgotten.


Separate and Categorise

Organisation is the primary way to fight clutter. First, organise your belongings into several general categories, i.e. “keep,” “throw away,” “donate” and “storage (if applicable).” Next, put them into more specific categories, such as bedding, books, toys, holiday decorations, utensils and/or cookware, towels, bathroom supplies, sporting goods, etc. Remember to make the categories as specific as possible and include the room or area that the items will be moved to. Separate and remove the “throw away,” “donate” and “storage” items first. Then separate any pertinent items used every day. These items can be stored in a suitcase or in their own, labelled, easily accessible box.

Most importantly, never move on to items in a new category until all the items in the current category are separated and packed. Pack the most useless and tedious items first and move any packed boxes into a clean corner in each room. But don’t forget to clean as you go. If you need extra help or if you’re moving out of a rental property, consider hiring a bond cleaner. A bond cleaner will know how and where to clean, which will ensure your home is intact, your landlord is satisfied, and your bond is returned. If you’re wondering, “what does house cleaning include?,” now’s the time to contact us for your free bond cleaning quote!


Keep Your Home Clean

Although a bond or end-of-lease cleaner will do the serious cleaning for you, it could be helpful to clean as you go. Not only will it make the job easier for the cleaners, it’ll make packing more manageable and save you time and possible frustration. Besides, cleaning can leave clear pathways for sorting and packing. If necessary, clean after packing each category of items and don’t neglect your weekly cleaning routine.

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