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Bond Cleaning Kallangur

  • Take The Stress Out Of Cleaning

    Even the cleanest of people know how much time and effort is required to thoroughly clean a home. There’s a big difference between a tidy house and a clean house and, for many of us, so much of our day is spent doing basic tidying, we struggle to find the time for actual cleaning. If you’re living in Kallangur and working, life is busy enough dealing with the day-to-day requirements of shopping, meal preparation, washing dishes and doing laundry before you even think about things like mopping and cleaning the bathroom. For many people, it’s also physically challenging and exhausting to carry out these tasks themselves.

    Brisbane Bond Cleaning offer a range of different cleaning packages for home owners and renters in Kallangur and the surrounding suburbs. As our name suggests, we specialise in bond cleaning and will have your home looking so amazing, your landlord will be really impressed and have no reason to hold back any part of your bond. We’ve dealt with many landlords and agents across Kallangur and consistently receive glowing reports on the quality of our work.

  • We Have The Know-How

    There is a myriad of cleaning products available, some of which contain harsh and dangerous chemicals. If you’re unfamiliar with the best product to use for a particular cleaning problem, you could spend hours labouring away and still not get the results you want. Brisbane Bond Cleaning have years of experience dealing with many different properties so if you have a specific challenge, chances are we’ve dealt with it before.

    We know the best products to use to achieve the optimal outcome and we’ll always use the most eco friendly products possible. For example, did you know the best way to neutralise odours from pet accidents inside the home is to use vinegar? Brisbane Bond Cleaning have a wealth of knowledge on the simplest and most efficient ways to deal with all your cleaning needs, so you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing away to no avail.

  • 100% of Your Bond Back, Guaranteed

    Moving from your existing Kallangur rental property can be a very stressful time and also comes with expenses like removalist fees as well as the requirement to pay a bond for your new home. This is a time when many people are really relying on receiving all of their bond back so it can be put towards covering other expenses. Failure to secure all or part of your bond can cause significant financial hardship for some people and that’s why Brisbane Bond Cleaning guarantee, when you book one of our complete Kallangur bond cleaning services, you’ll get your bond back in it’s entirety. In the unlikely event your landlord is unhappy with any aspect of the job we’ve done, we’ll return to your property within 24 hours to complete any additional tasks required to ensure you get what’s owed to you in the most efficient time possible. With prices starting from just $199 for a full bond cleaning package, we’re sure you’ll agree our Kallangur bond cleaning service is a very worthwhile investment.

  • Our Cleaners Own Our Business

    Our primary cleaners, Juliana and Yara, not only carry out most of the cleaning themselves, they also own Brisbane Bond Cleaning. So unlike other Kallangur based cleaning companies, we don’t just act as a booking agency for a myriad of subcontractors. Our work is our reputation, so we ensure the highest standard of service from the minute you get in contact with us until we walk out your door, leaving a sparkling clean house behind us. You’ll find us to be efficient as well as friendly and eager to tailor a solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

  • Fully Insured And Police Checked

    We understand that some people have reservations about allowing strangers access to their homes. Already trusted by many customers in Kallangur and the surrounding suburbs, we’re fully covered with comprehensive public liability insurance and have been police background checked. Check out our testimonials to see what just a few of our happy Kallangur customers are saying about Brisbane Bond Cleaning.

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