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Bond Cleaning Murrumba Downs

  • Murrumba Downs’ Complete Bond Cleaning Service

    When moving out of one house and into another, there are so many things to take care of. Finalising bills, organising new phone lines and internet connections, coordinating removalists and arranging collection of keys are just a few of the myriad of tasks you’ll have responsibility for. Ensuring your current Murrumba Downs home has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready for final inspection should also be a top priority as, if it’s not done properly, it could result in the landlord withholding your bond money.

    Getting your Murrumba Downs home looking clean and tidy can often involve a number of contractors such as general cleaners and carpet cleaners. Furthermore, if you have any pest control issues, this would also require an additional contractor. Trying to coordinate all these people whilst working and preparing to move house can be a daunting experience. At Brisbane Bond Cleaning, we’ll not only take care of your cleaning but can provide quotes to arrange carpet cleaners and other contractors and manage them on your behalf. That means you have one point of contact from the outset and won’t have the inconvenience of having to schedule several appointments yourself.

  • What Will Your Landlord Look For?

    Even if you have moved from one rental property to another before, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll know the sorts of things your landlord will inspect when deciding whether you’re entitled to all your bond back. Murrumba Downs landlords and agents can differ in their approaches and what may be a suitable standard for one, may not be acceptable for others. Brisbane Bond Cleaning have extensive experience with many different landlords in Murrumba Downs and the surrounding suburbs so we have a good understanding of the types of things they are likely to check when conducting the final inspection. For example, the agent may not approve return of all your bond if the insides of kitchen drawers or cupboards are dirty, if plug holes in bathroom and laundry have not been cleaned or if there is mould on a shower curtain. Our comprehensive Murrumba Downs bond cleaning service covers off everything your landlord is likely to check and we’re also completely transparent about exactly what’s included. Our bond cleaning service page details every item that’s included in our clean so there are no surprises. Check out what’s included in our Murrumba Downs bond cleaning service.

  • What About Pets?

    You may have had a pet living with you in your Murrumba Downs home which you would prefer your landlord didn’t know about. Pet hair can be very difficult to remove from carpet and can be a reason your landlord decides to hold back part of your bond. Brisbane Bond Cleaning use quality equipment and have extensive experience in removing pet hair from carpets. If your pet has had any accidents in the house, we also know the best approach for removing these types of stains and odours. Whilst it’s not ideal for your pet to be there at the time we conduct our bond cleaning, as long as it’s not aggressive, we’re happy to clean around your pet so you don’t have the added inconvenience of relocating it for our appointment.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Whilst there are many companies offering bond cleaning services in the Murrumba Downs area, at Brisbane Bond Cleaning, we guarantee results. Excluding structural or other major existing damage to your home, we guarantee that following our complete cleaning service, you’ll receive 100% of your bond back. On the rare occasion your agent is not happy with any aspect of the cleaning we have done, we promise to return to your home, at no additional cost to you, to complete any outstanding tasks.

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