Professional End of Lease Cleaning for Pet Owners

Pet Owners Should Always Hire Professional End of Lease Cleaners – Here’s Why

Moving out of a rental property comes with a multitude of tasks, including cleaning. Owning pets can make your cleaning requirements just that much more intensive, but hiring a bond or end of lease cleaner can make the entire cleaning process easier. Reputable cleaners will handle all the cleaning, from start to finish, leaving you more time to spend adjusting to your new home and neighbourhood.


Cleaners Can Find Items Hidden by Your Pets

Pets (especially cats) are notorious for hiding things in surprising and often hard-to-reach places. Since cleaners essentially clean everywhere, they will have a better chance of finding these hidden items. For example, they can find any toys or food hidden under the refrigerator or oven. Things like hairballs can be unsightly and imply that your rental wasn’t thoroughly cleaned, but cleaners who have experience cleaning homes with pets will know where to look and can clear them out with any other dirt or debris.


Remove Pet Smells

Generally, pet smells are stronger and more obvious than those created by people. Urine and other smells may become embedded in carpet fibres, furniture, walls and structures and permeate throughout your home. It’s often impossible to remove most of these smells with normal pet cleaning products, but professional end of lease cleaning will ensure they’re removed once and for all. Not only do professionals have the right products and equipment for the job, they also employ the right techniques. For example, steam cleaning the carpeting to remove the smell of urine or sanitising to make your home smell fresh and clean.


Remove Pet Stains

There are a variety of ways that pets can leave stains throughout a home, and while you might not be able to remove them easily or effectively with products you will find on store shelves, professional cleaners can employ other strategies like steam cleaning, or have access to different cleaning products. Moreover, cleaners will remove pet dander and any other traces left by your pets.


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