End of Lease Cleaning Requirements & More to Get Back Your Bond

Prepare for Your Move & Recoup Your Bond with These Tips

There are many steps to take when moving out of a leased apartment, house or condo, and successfully completing some of these steps can ensure that you recoup your bond. Ask those who have done it before, an end of lease or bond cleaning is essential to the moving process. Bond money could help pay for your new place or even pay for the bond cleaning and other services hired to help with the move. Cleaning, however, isn’t the only thing you need to keep in mind. Here are a few important steps to take if you’re determined to recoup your bond:


Take Photos

If you’re getting set to move house, it may be too late for this one, but whenever you move into a rental, taking photos should be the first thing on your to-do list. These photos can be used to document the original condition of the property, and they will help to ensure that you aren’t charged for any previous damage or anomalies. If you’re accused of damaging or altering the property, these photos can be presented as proof of your innocence. Additionally, you can use them to document anything you’ve repaired or cleaned.


Schedule a Bond Cleaning

A professional bond cleaning is the best way to ensure you meet the end of lease cleaning requirements. Professionals know where to clean and how to clean. They also have the equipment to make your home cleaner than it’s ever been. At the end of your lease, a standard routine cleaning isn’t going to be enough. The pros deep clean, remove hard stains, dust, sanitise and eliminate pesky odours. You can obtain a cleaning checklist from the landlord or property manager, but this list won’t come with their expectations of how clean your rental should be. Professional cleaners already know where to clean, what to clean and what landlords expect. Some of their duties and your landlord’s expectations will include:

  • Cleaning and shining the windows
  • Deep cleaning and sanitising any carpet
  • Polishing and cleaning any wood flooring or surfaces
  • Scrubbing any tile and grout
  • Dusting ceiling fans and other light fixtures
  • Degreasing and cleaning the oven and range top


Repair Any Damage

Damage to your rental property is a surefire way to have your bond revoked. This means that you should repair or have any damaged structures repaired or replaced before the landlord’s final inspection. This includes:

  • Patching up any holes in the walls
  • Fixing scratched, chipped or worn flooring
  • Replacing broken blinds or other window coverings
  • Repairing or replacing broken furniture or lighting and other fixtures
  • Having any exterior structures repaired or replaced

To recoup your bond, your property and its structures must be undamaged and in peak condition. This will be inspected by the landlord or property manager, so make sure you arrange repairs at least two weeks before the inspection date.


Is it time to move house? Contact our team of bond cleaning experts for more information on our services or to request a quote.

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