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Why the Cheapest Bond Cleaners Aren’t the Best Bond Cleaners

There isn’t a price to put on the peace of mind that comes with a clean home. However, when you’re moving out of a rental property, there is a price to put on cleaning your home. To save money, you may want this price to be as cheap as possible, but cheap end-of-lease or bond cleaners are often the worst. You can find an affordable cleaner without sacrificing quality and reputability. Besides, cheap cleaners often come with their fair share of downfalls. Below are a few of these downfalls.


Don’t Employ Proper Cleaning Techniques

The cheapest cleaners are often the least thorough, and thoroughness is vital for bond cleaning. Before you vacate your property, it must be virtually spotless. If it isn’t, your landlord may keep part or all of your bond. Your bond cleaner must know how and where to clean and this means in the hardest to reach and hardest to clean places. For example, ovens can be tough to clean, and improper cleaning could leave behind baked on grease and more. Since kitchens are major selling points for property managers, this type of oversight could prompt your landlord to keep your bond.

Unfortunately, an abnormally cheap cleaner may also not be licensed or reputable, and thus, not up-to-date on or aware of the proper techniques for professionally cleaning a home. However, there are plenty of affordable professionals who know how to do the job right, such as our team at Brisbane Bond Cleaning.

If you’re worried about the price and are wondering, “how much does a bond clean cost?,” contact us for a quote on highly professional yet affordable bond cleaning services.


Use Low-Quality Cleaning Products

In cleaning, using the right products and equipment can make all the difference. This is something most professional cleaners know. However, charging a super low rate makes it highly improbable that the cleaner is using top quality products and equipment. Because these products are often made with the cheapest and most toxic ingredients, cleaning with them could pose a threat to your furniture, floors, walls, windows and more. Toxic cleaning products could also be dangerous for you and your pets. Not to mention, it’s almost impossible to remove tough stains, grime, odors, etc. with the wrong or low-quality products.


May Damage Your Property

If your cheap bond cleaner isn’t a reputable professional, they may not clean carefully. Reckless abandon during the cleaning process could cause damage to your furniture and other property. Plus, a non-reputable cleaner won’t have insurance that protects your belongings. So, you may be stuck paying for broken items, nicks and scratches on furniture and more. For optimum protection, hire a reliable, yet affordable bond cleaner. Call us today!

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